Why CEG? Here Are 12 Reasons.

  1. CEG is fully licensed by the Nevada Commission on Post-Secondary Education and audited by the State of Nevada with ZERO student complaints.
  2. All CEG teachers have at least 10 years of actual dealing experience and most have 20+. Faculty Link!
  3. Flexible class times. Open M-Th 10am to 8pm. Fri 10am to 5pm and Sat 12pm to 5pm. 
  4. We are Diversity advocates. Our school has a NO TOLERANCE policy to anything that takes away from happy and productive students.
  5. Competitive pricing that is fair and provides real value.
  6. CEG uses individualized and adaptive training techniques to fit your specific learning needs.
  7. The A.R.T. of Dealing (Audition Ready Training) applies emphasis on procedure and proper technique at all times with our “Supervisors” keeping you on your game while our peer groups play live.
  8. Learn techniques and etiquette for local AND strip properties giving you more job flexibility and empowerment.
  9. Our Job Placement and career support is second to none. We help with job 1, 2, 3…..
  10. Don’t take our word. Read our Reviews page and Yelp.
  11. Always Honest and Ethical Business Practices. ALL of our reviews are from REAL individuals who have graduated or attend our school. We never ask for reviews or require them, ever! All of our content and posts are written by our own staff and represent absolute facts. All of our teachers are real people with verifiable experience that you will actually see and learn from at our school.
  12. Our Mission, Execution and school Philosophy as outlined below. ↓↓↓


Our Mission at CEG Dealer School is to train, develop and empower our students to find and achieve personal and professional success in the Casino Gaming Industry.  

While our Mission is simply stated, our execution is not. To say a thing, is not always to be a thing. So for that we follow through with our Execution….


To properly execute our mission and insure the success of our students, CEG Dealer School must recruit the best possible instructors and mentors. CEG must integrate the best tools and training methods. CEG must provide relevant career counseling, job coaching and audition preparation. CEG must be able to place and promote its graduates with employers from entry to executive level positions.

Execution highlights;

  1. We have the BEST Instructors! Our teachers are all decade or longer professionals in each of their areas of expertise. We attract the best teachers because, while we foster a team-centric workplace, we also pay a competitive wage. Currently on staff we have former and current dealers and supervisors from the Wynn, Caesars Palace, Cosmopolitan, Treasure Island, Rio and many more. Our teachers range in experience from 32 year High Limit Dealers, to Casino Managers. 
  2. We use the most current tables and layouts. We literally work with scores of casinos throughout the valley that provide both opportunities for our students and the tools we need to stay current with the latest side bets, game iterations and table tech.  
  3. CEG takes a very proactive role in pursuing relationships with Table Game Directors and Human Resource Recruiters throughout Las Vegas, the state of Nevada and everywhere else that Casino Dealers are needed. Every week we get calls from recruiters asking if we have dealers available. They know our students will meet and exceed their expectations. We also get calls from almost every state where Gaming is legal (or coming) and even other countries.
  4. Our teaching Philosophy helps outline more poignantly how our methods succeed in ACTUALLY helping you get and keep a casino job. But beyond that, we engage with each student personally to help motivate, facilitate and promote your gaming career. If you need help with your application, we are there. If you need career advice we have dedicated staff that can give you relevant feedback which meets your specific needs.

Your Journey is our Journey. Your Success is our Success.


At CEG Dealer School our philosophy is rooted in lots of experience from lots of great people and the need to execute our mission. We want YOU to not only pass an audition, but also to have the presence and skills that translate into job security and promotions. 

We start with teachers that have real experience, a love for teaching and most of all the skills to teach. Let’s be honest, teaching requires a certain set of personal traits that not all of us possess. Just because you know a thing, doesn’t mean you can teach a thing. The gaming business is littered with entry level jobs that become dead end jobs with dead end employees because they picked the wrong school and simply became stuck. Many entry level positions just can’t advance your skills enough because they lack action or limits. On any given day you can visit our school and meet students who continue to practice even after they have graduated and started new jobs.

At CEG we have developed the A.R.T. of dealing or AUDITION READY TRAINING. Our school atmosphere is modeled to imitate a working gaming floor with bosses and players who are watching and testing you at every turn. We don’t just teach you the mechanics of dealing and push you out to some casino you wouldn’t visit yourself. When you are Certified with CEG you have already gone through many of the real world rigors of dealing in a live casino. When you finally get your first audition and that boss is leering at you and the players are harassing the newbie, You OWN it, your brush it off, you have already passed this test and you realize that this live audition is easier than the one you took at the school (and a smile breaks across your face and privately you thank Lisa our Director of Development).

At CEG you will learn the mechanics of dealing that meet and exceed the standards of every casino, period. From the ground up you will understand and execute with skill, precision and speed all of which will increase your pit profile and lead to advancement. Beyond mechanics you will also learn the intangibles like game presence, player management and betting strategies while developing the confidence you need for success.

Utility of PRICE

No matter how much we talk about the school, price is usually the first question. So we thought we would address prices on its own.

Utility of Price simply asks how much is it worth to you?

First and foremost, we are very competitively priced. Without question we offer more value than our prices would indicate. We are able to offer these prices because we keep margins very low while returning most of our income back to the teachers and students. Anything less and we diminish the great opportunity our school offers to everyone.

A better school can mean a BIG difference in your career opportunities and wallet. We train our dealers to a higher standard. We do not refer dealers until they are ready. We send dealers to casinos that fit their skills and personality. Our dealers go in with confidence and own their auditions. Which is why we have more recruiters and more casino options for your first job, your second job and even years down the line. We have 10 year veterans who come to CEG to upgrade their skills and plug into our Career network.

Would you spend an extra $100 on  your schooling if it meant being able to earn an extra $5k or even $10k in your first year of dealing? What if you made that $100 back in your first day or few days at a better job?

Visit the school. Watch, listen and ask questions. In fact visit every school first before visiting CEG. Look around, see how many instructors they have on staff. How many of them currently work in casino gaming and at which casinos? What is their experience? 

If you visit a school that tells you everything you want to hear and makes everything sound so easy, ask yourself why? If their prices seem almost too good to be true maybe they are. 

We invite you to come visit us and see how we can help you become a new dealer, a better dealer or even to advance your career.

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