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Professional Endorsements

To all our Casino friends. Thank You.  

I wanted to say thank you to CEG Gaming School and the Director Alex Kim. The school’s students are always extremely well taught and are ready for real life real world job situations and scenarios. I have had great success placing students immediately from school in jobs that normally require 6 months or more professional dealing experience due to the hands on training and knowledge given by the instructors from CEG. Thank you for all that you do and keep up the great work!

Jason Luong

1/16/2018, Employment Recruiter for Palms Casino Resort

I use CEG Dealer School when hiring for table games dealers due to the fact that the dealers are refreshing, and come to auditions with ALL the skills necessary to effectively deal. Including but not limited to proper shuffle, deck protection, side bet knowledge, insurance knowledge, proper cheque handling, proper payouts, ect. I would like to thank you for your outstanding work. Your attention to detail and professionalism is evident from start to finish. You are consistently available to meet our needs and help us stay fully staffed with exceptional dealers. It is a pleasure to work with such a dedicated and talented company as CEG Dealer School.

Kandice Vigilia

2/8/2018, Director at Fiesta Rancho Hotel & Casino

My name is Patty Hughes. I am the Assistant Table Games Manager at Club Fortune Casino. I am writing to recommend the services of Alex Kim and the CEG Dealer School. We at Club Fortune Casino have been hiring dealers from the school for the last four years with excellent success. Alex and his staff are very thorough, and do a fantastic job of preparing the students for the casino industry. There has always been an open line of communication with Alex and our relationship with the school is, and always has been, very comfortable.

Patty Hughes

1/15/2018, Assistant Table Games Director at Club Fortune Casino

We have had an excellent experience working alongside Alex and CEG Dealer School. All students I’ve interviewed have had positive attitudes, are excited to work, and have done well during the audition process. Most teachers, Alex included, make sure that the students are prepared before they apply and audition, giving them a higher chance of getting hired at Station Casinos. We have seen them do great things once they are in, most move on to the Resort Properties after their probation period, giving them growth opportunities and of course more income. The school follows our steps and procedures, making it easier and faster for the students to get into the company and start working. Definitely a great place to attend to make sure that you are prepared and able to get into the Casino industry and become a well-rounded Dealer.

Maritza "Stephanie" Panigua

1/12/2018, Employment Recruiter for Station Casinos

I am writing to recommend Alex Kim for CEG DEALER SCHOOL. I have known Alex Kim for 8 years and have nothing but positive things to say. Alex and I were both dealers at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Casino our career was ended and Alex and I both became great leaders within the casino industry. There is no doubt in my mind that Alex will be an excellent addition to CEG DEALER SCHOOL. I highly recommend anyone to attend his school. He provides good rates and able to learn all games in a timely manner his classes are also fun and enjoyable with experienced instructors that are still working in the gaming industry that teach each students the knowledge of each game professionally. Please do not hesitate on contacting me at (702)234-1754 or basharldrummond@yahoo.com if you have any further questions or requests.

Bashar Drummond

11/8/2017, Casino Manager at The Cromwell Las Vegas

I have interviewed and auditioned dealers from multiple dealer schools around the valley and have had the best success with the dealers from CEG Gaming School.  Not only are they friendly and present a professional appearance when coming to the audition, their technical skills are clean and precise.  It is refreshing to see a school that trains not only dealers, but grooms them to become artists in the games they deal.

Shirin Coleman

2/20/2018, Casino Shift Manager at Fiesta Rancho Hotel & Casino

Thank you again for sending your students to us. Please keep sending your students to Aliante.
Elma Pagaduan

12/18/2017, Recruitment Specialist at Aliante Casino & Hotel

My name is Joe Wilcock. I am a long-time casino manager here in Las Vegas and have been in the industry for some 35+ years. I recently had an occasion to visit Alex Kim’s dealing school, CEG, to brush up on craps so that I could give a demonstration this past week. At the conclusion of my week, Alex asked me to comment on the training at his school. I am glad to do so. I found the training to be first-rate, thorough, and exhaustive. Alex is very particular about working with each student one on one so he gets a feel for each student’s ability to go out and take an audition. He doesn’t just randomly send students out until he feels they are ready and will be hired. While I was in attendance, Alex sent several of his students out to well-known casinos. The two young teachers at CEG were working with about half a dozen students on the crap table, just as if a game was in progress, rotating between the stick and the base. The training was intensive and interesting all at the same time. Learning to deal is fun, but it does take a level of professionalism that Alex’s instructors are glad to show the students. There is a time when a person first learns to deal that it seems like you can’t do anything in the right order. Alex’s instructors were patient and professional with all of the students, giving them encouragement in all the right ways. When I asked Alex about the pricing for each game, I thought it was very fair and not exorbitant like some other schools in town. I would have no qualms at all recommending CEG to anyone aspiring to be a dealer.

Joe Wilcock

4/17/2017, Casino Shift Manager at Green Valley Ranch Resort

CEG Dealer School is a wonderful school but I say that coming from a much different perspective than a student. While I was the table games manager at a neighbor casino in Henderson, I had to audition and employ dealers and a large number of break-ins straight from school. I was always so impressed not only by the technical abilities of the students of CEG but also by their professionalism. For many for these students, it was their first job in a casino, and the CEG students understood how to behave on the casino floor, in the pit, and on their games.

James Zygadlo

1/26/2016, Casino Shift Manager at Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino

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