Hear from Some of our Students

Since our opening in February 2014, we have graduated 125 students in 313 games.

Alex both teaches and runs CEG and he couldn’t be a better person to learn from. Whatever game you need to learn, he or one of his many teachers can accommodate you; there is always someone available when you come in (when you choose to come in by the way, it’s an extremely flexible schedule).

Since I started learning there, Alex has continually made improvements to the space and continues to do so. By the time I graduated (and got a job dealing at El Cortez) I didn’t want to leave; it really starts to feel like a second home as you get to know the other students and everyone who keeps things running smooth.

I really can’t recommend this place enough, it has been an overwhelmingly positive experience and if you’re looking to learn the industry, look no further.

Shane S.

8/28/2016, Currently working at El Cortez Hotel & Casino

I went to school to learn blackjack and roulette at CEG, and I can tell you this is one of the best schools in Vegas that will actually take the times and teach you what you want to learn. Alex is very knowledgeable and very helpful and the atmosphere he creates in his school is just awesome and fun. I always refer people to this school that want to learn a game and be in the industry. Alex knows a lot about the gaming life and helps out any way possible. Very pleased and highly recommend this school to anyone.

Luiza H.

1/7/2016, Currently working at Paris Hotel & Casino

I recently moved to Las Vegas and was looking for a way to get a job in the casino. I looked at 4 different schools before deciding on CEG Dealer School. The reason I chose CEG is because Alex was very honest and straight forward with me. He explained what he saw out there in the industry and let me know what it would take to reach my goals. Another reason I came to CEG was because there are enough teachers during peak school hours. At other schools I noticed that the student to teacher ratio was high during peak hours and I felt that I might not get the attention I needed to learn quickly. With the help of Alex and his team of 5 teachers I got hired at 2 casinos after only 10 days of schooling and learning 2 games. It’s been 3 weeks since I started dealer school and CEG has placed 11 dealers into casinos. AWESOME! I’m so glad that I chose CEG Dealer School!

Korey S.

5/17/2016, Currently working at Suncoast Hotel & Casino

CEG Dealer School is a wonderful school but I say that coming from a much different perspective than a student. While I was the table games manager at a neighbor casino in Henderson, I had to audition and employ dealers and a large number of break-ins straight from school. I was always so impressed not only by the technical abilities of the students of CEG but also by their professionalism. For many for these students, it was their first job in a casino, and the CEG students understood how to behave on the casino floor, in the pit, and on their games.

James Zygadlo

1/26/2016, Casino Shift Manager at Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino

You can enroll with confidence at CEG Dealer School. I looked at several schools before settling on CEG, and I am 100% satisfied with my choice, for several reasons. Alex’s prices are very reasonable, and the quality of education is top-notch. Best of all, Alex will work around your schedule. If something comes up and you need to miss a day, or come in late, or If you are unable to attend certain days of the week, all you need to do is let the school know. You can make up the missed time at your discretion. This is invaluable if you have a job, or children. CEG makes it easy to get your schooling in around your other obligations. If you are a slow learner, like me, don’t worry: the teaching moves at YOUR pace, and you have practice rights on the school tables for life, with paid tuition. The school maintains a welcoming atmosphere where you will be treated like an adult at all times; you will NEVER be made to feel inferior while learning the trade. The job placement is the best I have ever seen from a vocational school; CEG has a long and growing list of casinos they have relationships with. Bottom line is that your future is up to YOU, but CEG will help you get the best foot forward in your casino career.

Noah C.

8/14/2016, Currently working at El Cortez Hotel & Casino

My name is Joe Wilcock. I am a long-time casino manager here in Las Vegas and have been in the industry for some 35+ years. I recently had an occasion to visit Alex Kim’s dealing school, CEG, to brush up on craps so that I could give a demonstration this past week. At the conclusion of my week, Alex asked me to comment on the training at his school. I am glad to do so.

I found the training to be first-rate, thorough, and exhaustive. Alex is very particular about working with each student one on one so he gets a feel for each student’s ability to go out and take an audition. He doesn’t just randomly send students out until he feels they are ready and will be hired. While I was in attendance, Alex sent several of his students out to well-known casinos.

The two young teachers at CEG were working with about half a dozen students on the crap table, just as if a game was in progress, rotating between the stick and the base. The training was intensive and interesting all at the same time. Learning to deal is fun, but it does take a level of professionalism that Alex’s instructors are glad to show the students.

There is a time when a person first learns to deal that it seems like you can’t do anything in the right order. Alex’s instructors were patient and professional with all of the students, giving them encouragement in all the right ways.

When I asked Alex about the pricing for each game, I thought it was very fair and not exorbitant like some other schools in town.

I would have no qualms at all recommending CEG to anyone aspiring to be a dealer.

Joe Wilcock

4/17/2016, Table Games Director at Fiesta Henderson Hotel & Casino

In a widely competitive gaming industry city of Las Vegas, there are always a myriad of dealer schools in the vicinity fighting for turf and business. After carefully narrowing down my choice for the school to enroll in late last month, here are the reasons why I chose CEG Dealer School over the others:

1) Quality of instruction. The owner Alex Kim comes down to your level no matter what your previous background or knowledge is on the game for instruction. He ensures you understand all the basics of game dealing and takes you step by step before moving on to the next stage. He also invites other former students who are mostly current dealers to come in to the school and help out in tutoring other students.

2) Very low student-to-teacher ratio. At the time when I was researching dealer schools in the area, I was a bit turned off when I found a school (not CEG) vast amounts of students standing around waiting to play or learn to deal which seemed awkward and like a waste of time. You definitely don’t get that at CEG Dealer School, and Alex will make sure you get hands-on with the game(s) you have signed up to learn to deal.

3) Schedule flexibility. The school is open every day until 8PM during the week, and also open on most weekends including Sundays. Very accommodating especially for those who have present jobs and/or other daily priorities. All the students and instructors are very friendly and easy-going with each other. As a student, you are free to come in or leave anytime you want although (and it’s common sense) a simple phone call or text message would be much appreciated in times of emergency or long absence.

As mentioned above, I enrolled in CEG Dealer School late February and came into class pretty much every day it’s open to learn and practice for 4-5 hours each day. Despite having no previous dealing experience, I was able to properly learn to deal in the 3 games I selected (blackjack, roulette, specialty games) in less than a month. Alex assisted me in landing interviews and auditions at a handful of local casinos. I am now offered a position in my last audition at a casino very close to my place which I will be moving forward with. I can’t thank Alex enough for having me get to where I am, and of course even while employed as a dealer I will continue to come into the school to practice and teach others.

Doug C.

3/17/2016, Currently working at SLS Hotel & Casino

Best dealer school in Nevada! The owner, Alex, is very hands on and knowledgeable. He makes sure you learn and understand the games you want to train for. Only a month after being in school he guided me to where I could audition for a Job and I have been employed ever since.

April A.

1/9/2016, Currently working at Binion's Gambling Hall

I decided I needed a change in my life, and that change came in the form of deciding to move to Las Vegas and become a dealer. After investigating 4 schools, I chose CEG. There are a myriad of reasons, I’ll share below, but to sum up, it was a great choice! Alex is an amazing instructor, and has a great deal of care making sure the students are ready to work in the Casino business. After about 2 months, I was ready for a job dealing the game I was looking to deal when I moved here! I am very satisfied and would recommend this school to anyone.

Joe B.

7/29/2015, Currently working at Eastside Cannery Hotel & Casino

I just got hired on my first audition, I am so grateful to Alex and the other instructors. The 1-on-1 lessons allowed me to quickly learn the skills I needed to be a casino dealer. When I was ready, they sent me to a casino that they had a good relationship with, and I was given an immediate audition. The floor manager threw me on a live craps game, and I had all the skills and practice necessary to successfully pass the audition, and he offered me a job right away. If you are looking for a dealer’s job, I would highly recommend CEG.

Matt D.

1/23/2016, Currently working at El Cortez Hotel & Casino

Definitely one of the best dealer training schools in Las Vegas. Alex, the owner, prepares you in all the games available to make sure you are ready before assisting you in job placement. I attended for dice and roulette and was prepared to face real life situations in the casino. With affordable tuition, if you are considering a career and want to be trained in the correct way, CEG is the school.

Richard S.

10/27/2015, Currently working at SLS Hotel & Casino

I needed to get a decent paying part time job so I looked into dealing. My friend referred me to CEG and Alex Kim. I remember being nervous about going into the school and signing up but I’m glad I did.
He gives all his students 1 on 1 time and you learn much faster that way. And he constantly has former students dropping in to help as well. It’s a great family atmosphere there where everyone is trying to help each other.
I nailed my first audition after completing his courses and landed a great first job. I really can’t thank him enough and highly recommend his school to everyone thinking of starting a career in dealing or looking for a second part time job.

Alex N.

12/21/2015, Currently working at Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino

At CEG they have very small class sizes and the instructors are able to give you a thorough understanding of all the games. The instructors have all dealt and supervised at multiple casinos and they  will teach you the procedures that are used at the casino you want to work at. The students learn at their own pace and the school is open most of the day. After completing my program I was able to audition with confidence and get hired at 2 different casinos. I would recommend CEG to anyone seeking a job in the casino industry.

Joe G.

12/23/2015, Currently working at SLS Hotel & Casino

I am so glad that I made the decision to go to CEG Dealer School to learn how to deal. First of all, you may think that the school is small after you see the uploaded pictures, however, you get everything you need to learn and practice. The room is clean and nice where you get a very good learning environment. The owner Alex Kim keeps upgrading the equipment (changing new layouts, new chips, and new play cards) which make people feel very nice to learn and practice there. Another important factor that made me choose CEG over other dealing schools is that the very low students to instructor ratio. Normally, one teacher will take care of 3-4 schools. And sometimes you are very likely to get one to one with the instructor. Alex will make sure that you spend enough times with the instructors to know enough tips and important things about the games.
One things that I want to point out is that all the instructors are all working big casinos like Cosmopolitan, Wynn, Flamingo and Palms. They will let know enough tips of dealing the games and tell you their real casino experience which are all super helpful to the new dealers.
Third, the flexible schedule of dealing school is very nice for the people who has a job or cannot go the school full time. The school open from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm during the week and opens on most weekend from 12:00 to 6:00 pm.
All the students and teachers are very friendly and happy to help each other. You may see the previous students who may be working in casino go back to the dealing school to help new students out. It’s very likely to make good friends there in the CEG Dealer School.
Last, when you get ready to find a dealing job in casino, Alex will help you to find the job opportunities and help you with interview and auditions. Alex always try his best to make sure students from his school get jobs when they graduate.
Overall I am very happy that I the decision to learn the dealing skills in CEG. After three weeks study here, I just got my interview and audition done last weeks and got a dealing job offer. I really want to say thanks to Alex, he is really friendly and patient to help everyone in the school. The owner Alex really makes “producing the quality dealers” as his priority in the dealing school business.
To all the people who plan to be a dealer, if you still searching to find a good dealing school, you definitely need to come to the CEG Dealer School.

Harry S.

3/24/2016, Currently working at Suncoast Hotel & Casino

I was just like everyone else, times are tough what’s next. I had the idea to become a Las Vegas dealer. I did my research and found out I would have a better chance of getting that job if I went to dealing school. I looked online and found all the dealing schools in Las Vegas. I also visited them all.
What I found is that CEG DEALING SCHOOL is by far the best out there. I spoke to all the others and it seemed that Alex is the only one that truly cares for his students. He was the only person that was honest with me. I felt that he was interested in my future rather then just taking my money.
I signed up and started that same day. He spent a lot of time with me. I never felt avoided, CEG Dealing School always had someone there to help me with questions. Always someone there to practice dealing with. Alex also helps students get there first few additions.
Within a month I had a job and I couldn’t do that without CEG DEALING SCHOOL.

Jeff H.

3/29/2016, Currently working at Fiesta Henderson Hotel & Casino

This was such a great experience for me learning Blackjack, Roulette, and Specialty games like Pai Gow! I loved how well Alex was able to help everyone even when all the levels were varied and that he was there with me every step of the way with applying to casinos to what to expect in an audition. I also loved that the school was flexible with my work schedule since it’s been all over the place. I would tell everyone to come to this school! Thanks Alex!

Saryn W.

3/25/2016, Currently working at Texas Station Hotel & Casino

Alex has extremely informative and teaches you what casinos in a dealer, not just how to deal. He’s also extremely patient and shares personal dealing stories (both good and bad) that prepare you for life as a dealer before you hit the floor for the first time. The school also is great with job placement assistance! I highly recommend this school over the others!

Alex H.

2/3/2016, Currently working at Gold Coast Hotel & Casino

AMAZING school! After researching other dealing schools in Las Vegas online, I stopped in CEG and spoke to Alex Kim the owner and chief instructor. Alex explained how the school worked as well as what it would take to graduate and find employment.
Alex also suggested I go look at the other schools in town before making a decision. He even listed many of them and their locations to me. I thought this was odd, the other schools I previously visited where more like used car salesman with the buy now mentality. What I didn’t realize then but Alex knew was that he had the best product in town and that I would be back.

I went to see another rival school first. The place was mobbed. Dozens of students standing around watching others deal, not dealing themselves. This concerned me and rightfully so. I recently met another student from another school at an audition and he told me he had only dealt two of the eight hours he had spent at that school the day before. This will never happen at CEG, with small class sizes and personalized one on one training from the staff you deal as much as you would like there. Alex on the other hand offered to teach me three games for only $499. The same price the other schools offered but I would actually get time on the table dealing not just playing. The other school I looked into I felt a cultural divide I did not think I would be able to get past. So I went back to CEG and could not have been happier with the experience.

Here are the main reasons I believe you should consider CEG first. Alex, he is unbelievable. He is knowledgeable, patient and caring. Alex works with your schedule and at your pace. The class sizes are small so you get a lot of one on one attention.
CEG is centrally located on W Flamingo and Decatur so getting to class is a breeze. Alex has many connections in the gaming industry and I have seen on many occasions casinos calling for students to audition. Alex spends time with every student just prior to an audition giving final instruction and confidence to help you land the job. Alex allows you to come in and practice the games that I don’t always get to deal at work and can always come back to refresh any game you have learned.

I am very happy with my experience at CEG and glad I became part of the CEG family.
I am also very happy with the job I received after one of the phone calls from one of Alex’s friends in the gaming industry.

Thank you Alex and the CEG family.

Patrick R.

2/3/2016, Currently working at Club Fortune Casino

CEG provided me with exactly what I needed. Flexible hours, knowledgeable teachers, and a lot of 1 on 1 hands on teaching. I visited other dealer schools and immediately noticed the student to teacher ratio. Too many students were just standing there watching other students instead of actually dealing themselves. CEG not only prepared me for dealing games but also the casino business itself. The instructors are very patient and friendly which gave the school a family like atmosphere. Even after you graduate you can keep coming back to brush up on skills and learn new techniques. If you’re looking for a professional school that will get you where you need to be quick look no further!

James B.

6/16/2014, Currently working at Flamingo Hotel & Casino

This school is awesome! The owners are very friendly and very hands-on. I would recommend this school to anyone. The rates are great, too. They thought me black jack and now I’m working at some of the greatest hotels on the strip. I’m right where I want to be and I’m very happy. Thanks again, guys!

Carlasofia M.

4/21/2015, Currently working at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Definitely check out CEG Dealer School! Fair price, professional teachers and very friendly students. Alex care for his students, gives great advice on jobs and putting a lot of times helping what need to be work on to pass the audition!  Student who got placed for dealing position, still show up at school and sharing their experience with other students. Highly recommended this school, please check it out in person, you will definitely like it! The best part is, CEG also open on weekends.

Shah K.

3/12/2015, Currently working at Suncoast Hotel & Casino

I’ve been going to CEG dealing school for about 2 months now, but already have learned so much. I had come across CEG dealing school online first, compared to other dealing school websites CEG was fresh/inviting, easy to navigate, and informational. I happened to pass by it one day, and the location was great. Just right down the street from my house, that’s when I knew I had to check it out. I brought my dad with me to check out CEG, my dad being a dealer in Las Vegas for over 20 years would know right away if this was a good school for me. That’s when we met Alex, the owner and teacher at CEG. He was very professional, broke things down for me and my dad, and helped us with a payment plan. Even my dad said, that it took a lot for someone to be as patient as Alex when teaching others how to deal. Alex is a great teacher, he explains things and brings things down to your level. So even if you’re like me and have never had any experience in the dealing business, you’re safe in Alex’s capable hands. I’m on my way to interviews, auditions, and sooner than I know I’ll be a dealer in one of these casinos in Las Vegas. And even after I get a dealer job, I’ll still be coming to CEG dealing school to keep learning from Alex.

Jessica C.

3/2/2016, Currently working at The D Hotel & Casino

After completing a comprehensive search and site visits to a number of dealer schools, I chose Casino Entertainment Group. Why? Because of Alex Kim.

Some would consider me to be an “old man”. I prefer to think of it as young at heart. I say this because my life experiences have been extensive, traveling around the country as a sales consultant, working with small businesses as well as fortune 100 companies.

I love the casino environment. I have been a healthy gambler for many years engaged mainly with playing blackjack. I am very familiar with the culture of the gaming industry and find it fascinating. For years I have wanted to break into the casino industry, but until recently it was only a dream. Now that my kids are grown and involved in successful careers of their own, I’m at a point in my life where I can now follow my dream.

As a result, I enrolled in what I consider to be the premier Las Vegas dealer school, CEG. When I first met with Alex, I was impressed with his welcoming nature and passion for gaming. He not only is a very successful practitioner and skilled teacher, but also is authentic as a person. A skill set I rarely come across these days.

Alex always took the time to give me individualized attention and encouraged rather than directed. I learned each game at a pace that was comfortable for me, based on my schedule. He challenged me, but made it fun to learn the detailed procedures one has to master to become one of the best.

I just landed my first job as a “break in dealer” at a Las Vegas casino that advertises one year experience required. This is a testimony to what Alex offers his students every day. Alex has played a critical role in my success toward starting my new career in casino gaming. I will always be grateful for what he has done for me. He even invited me to come in on my days off to sharpen my skills. I plan to do that.

Todd F.

12/21/2015, Currently working at Aliante Hotel & Casino

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