Happy Birthday to our very own Lisa!!

We tried to get a picture of Lisa to go with this cake but no one could muster the courage to take the shot,  not to mention that some idiot gave her a set of throwing knives for her birthday, so there’s that.

We jest of course! (umm but only a little :) ) It will all become clear in time…..

Lisa, is our Director of Education and Development (ahem The Dean of Dice)  and the heart and soul of CEG. The pictures you see spread throughout our website are just a sample of the many students whose lives have been positively impacted by Lisa’s instruction and mentoring.

In just a few short years Lisa has helped transform CEG Dealer School into the premier destination for casino dealing students and teachers alike. Because of Lisa our students are recognized throughout the valley for their level of skill, personality and presence. As well, no other school can boast about the sheer breadth of experience and level of success that CEG’s faculty possess.

It is only fitting that we get to celebrate a milestone in the life of our Lisa who has created so many milestones for others including CEG. In a couple weeks CEG will be moving to its new location effectively doubling in size and scope.

So today, our thanks to Lisa with Birthday hopes, wishes and prayers that she finds the joy and prosperity she has given to all of us, the family of CEG students and staff.