CEG Casino Dealing Classes

CEG Casino Classes
Entry Level

Our prices are very competitive, fair and intended to maximize value while still providing the resources we need to insure that CEG provides the best teachers and tools to help you succeed.

Blackjack DealerBlackjack: 101 (4 Weeks, 60 Hours): New Dealers must start with at least Blackjack. However, we recommend you learn at least 2 games. The more games you know the more employment choices you will have to “break-in” or start your new Casino Dealing Career.

Dice/Craps: 101 Upgrade (8 Weeks, 120 Hours) : If you talk with industry veterans you will discover that not all games are the same in terms of job security, advancement and getting full-time shifts. Today, the top strip casinos are looking for multi-game dealers with a big, gigantic – get in front of the line – priority to Craps/Dice Dealers.  Every week we get more and more calls for Dice Dealers.Mina S

Mini-Baccarat: 101 (4 Weeks, 60 Hours): Adding Mini-Baccarat to your Blackjack certification is a great way to upgrade your future employment options, especially if you see yourself becoming a Salon or High Limit Dealer or Supervisor.

Baccarat DealerRoulette: 101 (4 Weeks, 60 Hours): If you enjoy playing Roulette, you will enjoy dealing it in the Casino. Having Roulette on your resume will add variety to your time in the pit and increase your career profile.

Specialty Games ( 1 weeks, 10 Hours each) : Pai Gow, Let it Ride, 3 Card Poker and a host of other “Carnival” or Specialty games are becoming more and more commonplace as Casinos try to add variety and excitement to their table game pits. Being certified in 1 or more Carnival Games is an easy way to improve your pit profile and resume. It’s also a nice way to break up your work day.

For veteran or current dealers we offer price specials based on your past experience and level of skill. We even offer day and week long practice rates if you need to polish up a game or prepare for an audition. Please note: You will have to perform a cursory audition to qualify for our price breaks or audition prep.

Advanced Classes
Veteran Dealers

If you are still at a break-in house be sure to ask around your pit for which school to visit. 

For veteran or current dealers we offer price specials based on your past experience and level of skill. We even offer day and week long practice rates if you need to polish up a game or prepare for an audition. Please note: You will have to perform a cursory audition  to qualify for veteran status.

Baccarat 201: Midi-Baccarat (a requirement of High Limit Salon Pits) is taught by a current Caesars Salon Baccarat Dealer with more than 28 years of experience. This course is available to a limited number of experienced students each month. Call us for more information.

Dice 201:  We offer an advanced Dice Master course for veteran Dice Dealers who have at least 3 months of current live Dice experience and want to increase their proficiency across the board. This course runs only once a month and is limited to a small personalized class. It is a fun, hands-on course that aims to increase your ability to press, service, manage and control a dice game in preparation of moving up the career ladder focused on Dice. If you lack confidence in your skills for whatever reason or just want a solid skill upgrade, this is the course for you. One feature of our course are our Fire and Press Drills where you learn advanced pressing moves and payoffs to scale from $5 to $5000.  Call for more information.

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