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Learn to Deal Table Games Correctly

Learn to Deal Correctly

The casino industry employs more people than any industry in Nevada. As well, casino dealers and supervisors – on average – are the best paid front-line employees.

As you can imagine there is a lot of competition to get and keep casino dealing jobs especially at the top resorts. It is imperative that you find a way to stand out. Presence, personality, confidence and grooming are all keys to success. As a dealer school our number one priority is that you learn to deal correctly!

When the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas opened in 2010, over 12,000 applicants applied for Casino dealing positions and only 200 were chosen for full time shifts which meant you had only  a 1.6% chance of being hired full time.

If it is not already obvious, my question to you is, why do you need to learn to deal correctly?

# 1 – First Impressions

Casino hiring managers, pit bosses and the like perform countless auditions over the course of a year. They see everything. When you are able to deal correctly, and by that we mean without shortcuts, bad habits or poor game mechanics, you demonstrate a level of competence, training and personal control that helps you stand out.

If you are a new dealer, when you deal correctly at an audition you demonstrate that you are ready to work. They won’t have to invest extra time or resources into getting you ready.  You are ready to start immediately.

If you are an experienced dealer, you know how easy it is to pick up bad habits and shortcuts. The more experience, the more this rings true. All of which does not translate well at a live audition especially when it’s for a job you really want and find those sweaty palms back in play.  

# 2 – Jack of All Trades, Master of None

Dealer schools often advertise that they can teach you all the games in a short period of time. While this is not entirely untrue, it’s far and away a huge disservice to you, your time and your money.

If you have the aptitude and the time, it is not difficult to learn many games quickly. Let’s be honest though, this is not checkers, we are learning skills that translate into a job and a career.

When you learn the games too quickly, regardless of how confident you feel, your inability to pay bets, follow procedures and protect the game will become evident quickly.

As simple as Blackjack looks to deal, it has many nuances that takes practice and training before you are fully certified by an instructor that cares about your long term success.

When you learn to deal too quickly and try to audition before you are ready, the most likely outcome is you fail your audition. You take a hit to your confidence and start rethinking your options.

Or you get “lucky” and find a casino that is desperate for bodies and you quickly learn why.

Over the years I have met many dealers that remain stuck at low end jobs where they simply never get the action or training they needed in the first place. Some return to school to start over and upgrade their career, others simply quit after a few months and find a new line of work and a few resign themselves to low paying jobs and a slow crawl to retirement.

A casino manager at a recent hiring fair turned to me after seeing a few auditions and said “they are a jack of all trades, but a master of none”. Yes it matters.

#3 – Job Security

Learning to deal correctly can help secure your job for years to come.

Ask anyone in the Table Games business for their “jackpot” stories. These are stories of dealers who created a problem that had to be resolved by a supervisor, surveillance or both. In many cases these instances involve a situation where the dealer failed to follow correct procedure or mishandled a service issue because they lacked training. Sometimes a jackpot will lead to a write up, suspension, firing or at the very least a mark on that dealers reputation.

When you deal correctly and provide great customer service there are less opportunities to be involved in a jackpot while at the same time increasing your reputation and value as an employee.  

In conclusion;

When you learn to deal correctly the first time around you save yourself time, money and a lot of anguish.

And for whatever reason if you think it’s too late, we respectfully disagree.  It’s only broken until you fix it. If your in the casino business, check out our faculty page. I think you will agree that we have the right experience to teach you how to deal correctly.

Wherever you are, at whatever stage we wish you the best of luck with your dealing career!


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