Become a Casino Dealer – The Story of Vy (pronounced V-e-e)

Can you imagine coming to Las Vegas from another country thousands of miles away? You know just a few words of english, have no friends and no car. Where do you even begin? This is the story of Vy, A CEG multi-game Casino Dealer graduate.

In March 2017 Vy immigrated to the United States from Vietnam. Before long (as with many before her) she saw an opportunity to become a Casino Dealer and found her way to CEG through a referral.

In August 2017 Vy signed up to learn 3 Casino Table games, Blackjack, Roulette and Mini-Baccarat.

In December of 2017 Vy graduated from CEG as a certified multi-game dealer and was placed by CEG at the Fiesta Rancho Hotel and Casino.

In January of 2018, Vy returned to CEG and signed up to learn Craps (or Dice), becoming certified just a few months later.

A few weeks ago, CEG was contacted by the SLS who needed qualified multi-game dealers with Dice/Craps. Vy was scheduled for an audition and passed. She has now become a Casino Dealer at the SLS Casino and Resort.

Congratulations To Vy. The faculty, students and our entire CEG family celebrates Vy’s hard work, persistence and faith in herself.

Here is a picture taken today (May 10th 2018) of Vy with her newly purchased car.  Today is a good day! :)