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Hello and thank you for your interest in CEG  Casino Dealer School, My name is Alex Kim and I am the owner of Casino Entertainment Group. Thank you for taking the time to visit the school website and read this letter. The most popular question that I get asked is, “Why did you open a dealer school Alex?

CEG Dealer School Always Honest and Ethical Business Practices

In the era of fake news, fake reviews, copied content and slippery facts, CEG wants all of our visitors and prospective students to know that we at CEG Dealer School adhere to the highest standards of ethical and honest business practices. We are writing this on September 25th 2018 and remind any who may want to copy it that this is protected content under US Copyright law.

  • We never ask for, invent, require or otherwise fake ANY reviews anywhere.
  • Every review ever posted about our school is the honest appraisal of a current or former student.
  • We invite you to call  or visit the Nevada Commission on Post Secondary Education and ask about student complaints for any trade school your are considering. Your career is worth a phone call.  Their number is 702.486.7330.
  • All of the content on this website and all of our social media is ORIGINAL and FACTUAL. We never copy, plagiarize or try to imitate any other business. We believe in fair and honest competition.
  • Can we get you a job on the strip? Sometimes, a lot depends on your personality and skill level. We work with many strip properties who look for dealers at different experience levels.
  • CEG Dealer School would never let you believe that your first dealing job could be at the Aria or Wynn.  Its not happening. Please, call them yourself.  Can we help you get a top tier job once you have experience? Absolutely!
  • Can we get you a job? Absolutely. If we certify you, we help you get a job. Period.
  • Does every graduate get a job? No. Life happens, there are always things outside of our control. Not everyone goes on to become a dealer.
  • Can a new dealer get a job in a few weeks? Its been done (rarely) but not realistically. It takes the average student a month to complete Blackjack and more time to finish more advanced games. A few casinos and party pits will hire you with just Blackjack, some others will let you start as long as you are learning other games. MOST casinos want you to know 2 games. MOST GOOD casino want you to know 3 or more games.
  • Craps is the most difficult game to learn by far. If you do not build a solid foundation you will find it hard to advance. If anyone tells you its easy or can’t deal by example, or makes you believe you can be skilled enough in a few weeks, its simply not true.  Some low end casinos are so desperate for dice dealers they may hire you, but good luck moving on.
  • All of the instructors that we promote on our website are real and current with verifiable casino dealing and supervisory experience. We don’t use general terms like “Casino Business” which can mean anything from slots to security. So what if someone has been in the “business”, can they teach? do they have any skills? All of our instructors are great teachers who are HIGHLY SKILLED at their craft and just to see them deal would motivate any student.
  • If you are considering a career as a Casino Dealer, take a minute and do some research. Empower yourself with all the facts. Where your learn how to deal matters. Don’t take our word for it. Find out yourself.
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What Make Us the Premier Dealer School?

Our Students do. You do.

Yes, we have great teachers and use the most current games and layouts. Sure we apply the best possible methods and promote a positive learning environment. Flexible schedules, affordable prices, Check. Do we help you develop a strong foundation of skills? Of course. But ultimately, your success and  the success of every student before you has defined the role of our school. Walk almost any casino pit in town and talk to the bosses and dealers, ask them where they would send their friends or even their children. Then ask  why CEG? 

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